Certainly, the reliability of the web hosting service is among the most important aspects that you should examine before you choose a hosting plan, but also the account management process shouldn’t be excessively complicated. You wouldn’t like to switch between different admin interfaces all the time to carry out a few elementary tasks, would you? With the most popular Control Panels, there are no less than two accounts for a site – hosting and billing, so you will have to sign in and out of two different admin interfaces to register a brand new domain, then to host it and to upload the web files associated with it. It would be far easier if you could manage everything related to your domains in one place and save lots of time and effort, not to mention that it would be far easier to perform given tasks.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

If you get a cloud website hosting package from us, you’ll be provided with access to a feature-laden Domain Manager, which is part of our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You will be able to register a brand new domain and then to park it or host it, to enable Whois Privacy Protection or to edit its WHOIS information with just a few mouse clicks. Using fast-access buttons, you will also be able to create a subdomain, an email address or a database, to monitor web traffic statistics, to access the web files or to get a brand-new SSL certificate. All features are conveniently assembled and are available in one location, which will save you a lot of time, so you’ll never have to log out of the Domain Manager. You will not have any difficulties, since we have included help articles and tutorial video clips to reveal the full capacity of our domain management tool.